Carpet Beetles Pest Control

Carpet Beetles Pest Control

We remove carpet beetles in Essex quickly and efficiently

If you are looking for carpet beetles pest control in Essex, then Ben’s Bugs can help!

Carpet beetles are oval in shape growing up to 4mm as an adult and can be black, white and yellow. Adult carpet beetles can fly into any home and lay eggs on any soft furnishings, carpet or clothes. The adults lay these very small eggs (less than 1mm long) which look white or cream in colour at a rate of over 100 at once and can take anywhere from 10 days to a month to hatch. They will look to lay their eggs in areas with a nearby food source and plenty of shade such as dark corners.

Young carpet beetle larvae thrive in homes if left alone as they feed on fabric and animal products such as pet hair. Larvae eat holes into natural fibre items like wood, silk, feathers, dead insects, leather and wool which has caused them to gain a reputation for damaging clothing, bedding and furniture.

If you notice adult carpet beetles or larvae on your property, call Ben’s Bugs today!

Carpet beetle infestations can go unnoticed for long periods of time and can cause serious damage to the objects inside your property. One of the most distinct signs of an infestation can be seeing the adults inside your property, typically attracted to light sources and noticing the holes and damage left in the wake of the larvae.