Bee Nest Removal

Bees Pest Control

We provide quick and efficient bee nest removals in Essex

At Ben’s Bugs, we love Bees and we will do everything to re-home Bees without harm. Our bee nest removal services are quick and efficient whilst ensuring that the safety of the bees and our engineers.

Although Bees aren’t protected, they are extremely endangered and it is our policy to protect them as much as possible.

Everything that buzzes around your garden is potentially a pollinator. These fascinating insects are incredibly useful; but also in agriculture, with many crops dependent on pollination.

If you come across the beautiful honey bee, call our bee keeper friends in to take a look. If you notice a swarm in your garden, don’t worry they are just resting en route to find a new home. 

However, if they are there for more then 2-3 days or you notice a nest forming please visit: BBKA

The British Beekeepers Association logo
Group of honeybees on honeycomb structure
If you believe you have a honeybee colony in your home contact a professional bee pest controller in Essex.
BPCA recommends live removal and re-homing of honeybees wherever possible, with lethal treatment only as a last resort.
If you need a bee nest removal, you can contact a BPCA member or seek advice from a beekeeper.

Types of Bees: 

Common Carder Bee – found in many habitats including gardens, the Common Carder Bee is one of only three all-ginger species in the UK.

Early bumblebee – a small species, which can be seen as early as April or May, the Early Bumblebee has a red tail which varies in hue with the yellow abdominal stripe

Red-tailed bumblebee – a common sight in the UK, queens and workers are jet-black, with a bright red tail covering up to 50% of the abdomen.

Small garden bumblebee
A widespread species, which have yellow-black-yellow black patterns with a pure white tail.
Honeybee lands on a flower