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Mice Pest Control in Essex

A mouse is a small mammal. They are part of the order of rodents and are one of the most common types of rodents found within the UK.

Like rats, they pose a health risk and need to be treated as soon as possible and Bens Bugs can do just that!

Common signs of mice;

– Droppings

– Grease marks around skirting boards and walls

– Scratching – mice are most active at night therefore listen for noises under floorboards, ceiling, basements and lofts at night time

– Nesting – shredding of soft materials such as napkins or paper

– Sighting – If you are seeing activity, it is likely the rest of the family aren’t far away!

– Ammonia like smell – Mice frequently urinate and can create an ammonia like smell throughout the property

Common places mice will be are;

– Roof spaces/lofts

– Under floorboards

– Wall cavities/suspended ceilings

– Kickboards

FUN FACTS about mice…

– They eat up to 20 times per day and can eat up to 20% of their own weight

– They are curious explorers but they do not travel more than about 20 feet from their nest

– Mice do not live alongside rats and are afraid of the bigger rodent! So it is very unlikely you will have a rat and a mice infestation at the same time

Bens Bugs Pest Control Services complies with the CRRU Code of Best Practice when using and applying rodenticides and consider the exposure of wildlife and non-target animals.

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