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Our RSPH trained and insured pest control engineers are experienced in dealing with a wide range of common pests, from Wasps to Cockroaches. Please see our services below for the full list of pests we can treat.

On arrival to your home or business, our engineers will undertake a full inspection of the property to determine the level of infestation, possible entry points or causes and the most effective treatment to use to eradicate the pests.

  • Toxic & Non Toxic Methods of Treatment

  • Specialising in all Common Pests

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Our Pest Control Services


Rats Pest Control Services in Essex

Rats can gnaw through any material and are persistent when trying to gain access to your home or business. If they manage to get in, they can quickly spread disease, cause structural and reputational damage and can contaminate food, which is why it is vital to get a rat infestation treated as quickly as possible and Ben's Bugs are here to help you!


Ants Pest Control Services in Essex

If you see a few ants roaming around your house they may just be being nosey. However if you are seeing them frequently or in large numbers you may have an Ants nest located nearby. You would normally find ants in your kitchen or near areas where food is prepared and stored and once they find a good food source they will continue to come inside, collect their food and bring it back to the colony, telling all fellow ants where the goods are kept!


Bed Bugs Pest Control Services in Essex

Bedbugs hide in places such as the bedframes, headboards, mattresses, cracks, crevices and the edges of the carpets, areas close to where the host sleeps. The most common sign of a bedbug infestation is being bitten. Bites can appear over the entire body and are red, swollen and itchy. You may also notice drops of blood or small black dots of bug droppings in your bed.


Moths Pest Control Services in Essex

There are approx 2500 species of Moth found in the UK and the majority are harmless. Moths only live for approximately 30-90 days however in that time, they can cause quite a lot of damage! Clothes/carpet Moths can severely damage natural fibres as the larvae eat the protein found in natural materials such as carpets, clothes, fabric furnishings and fur.

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