Hornet Nest Removal

Hornet Nest Removal Services

We remove hornet nests in Essex quickly and efficiently

Hornets are part of the wasp family and are a dangerous pest in the UK so removal of these pests is vital!

They have similar behaviour characteristics to a wasp and will nest in dark places, for example sheds, loft spaces and cavity walls.

The three most common types of hornet are the European Hornet, Asian Hornet and the Giant Asian Hornet.

European Hornet

Twice the size of a wasp with brown and yellow markings, European Hornets are not a common sight, entering homes on occasion. 

Giant Asian Hornet

With striking yellow heads, a black mid-section and yellow and black or brown striped abdomen, Giant Asian Hornets have an infamous reputation as an invasive predatory species, capable of destroying honeybee colonies.

Importantly, there have been no recorded sightings of Giant Asian Hornets in the UK.

Asian Hornet

Seen in Britain since 2016, Asian Hornets are an invasive predatory species that could have a devastating effect on British wildlife as Asian Hornets eat Honeybees.

Smaller than our native hornets, Asian Hornets are black or dark brown with a dark abdomen, identifiable by the distinct yellow band at the rear, bright yellow band at the waist and a black head with a yellow or orange face.

Another way to tell the difference from our native hornets are that Asian Hornets have bright yellow tips to the legs while our native hornets have dark legs.

Here at Ben’s Bugs we would strongly advise to leave the hornets to the professionals and keep yourself safe.

If there is increased hornet activity around your home or business, please seek professional advice.