Ants Pest Control

Ants Pest Control

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If you see a few ants roaming around your house they may just be being nosey. However if you are seeing them frequently or in large numbers you may have an Ants nest located nearby.

You would normally find ants in your kitchen or near areas where food is prepared and stored and once they find a good food source they will continue to come inside, collect their food and bring it back to the colony, telling all fellow ants where the goods are kept!

A group of ants crowding at the bottom of a wall

Fun Facts About Ants

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Pests have the potential to:
  • Contaminate homes and workplaces, spreading disease
  • Damage products and foodstuffs, rendering them worthless
  • Damage property, causing fires and flooding
  • Ruin reputations, leading to loss of business and prosecution

Ants pest control can be tricky which is why we’re here to help.

Ants are a common pest that can be found in swimming pools. Not only do they attract other pests, but they also pollute the water as well as contaminate humans through their disease-carrying habits, which could lead to skin lesions and allergies.

A silhouetted image of ants crawling over terrain

Since ants walk over many different kinds of surfaces and sometimes feed on dead animals and insects, it is possible that they can carry disease-causing organisms to human food.

It should always be assumed that ant-infested food stuffs have been exposed to organisms that can cause spoilage, and the food should be thrown away.

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